Group Retreats Maryland – The Serenity Shoppe in Snow Hill

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If you’re looking for the perfect location for maryland group retreats

a solo introspective weekend
or to deepen your connection with 5 of your very best friends, please consider your next group retreat in Maryland at The Serenity Shoppe in Snow Hill.

The town of Snow Hill, Maryland is nestled on the banks of the Pocomoke River with several cozy B&B’s and a couple of great restaurants, all within easy walking distance of The Serenity Shoppe. In 2017, I opened my home to the AirBnb community as well. Snow Hill really is a great place to retreat with a group of your very best friends!

Since 1980 I have been creating products & designing services to help people connect with their inner wisdom & life purpose. It would be my honor to support your inner journey while you are here with one, or more, of the following group retreats:

Reiki One Instruction

Reiki (Ray’ key) is a spiritual practice that originated in Japan. Reiki is used to promote overall health and balanced well-being.

The foundation of a Reiki practice is self-Care. The form gives you a daily practice to balance both your inner and outer experiences. The essence of a daily Reiki practice serves to deepen (not replace) one’s ongoing spiritual practice or religion.

Reiki is also being provided to others by health care professionals in a variety of clinical settings. Recipients report benefits that include feelings of calm, reduced pain and a lessening of anxiety.

No previous experience is necessary for Level 1.
Spanning two, 4 hour days, the Elements covered in class include:Reiki Training

  • The Precepts of Reiki, integrating awareness into daily life
  • The story of Mikao Usui, founder of the Usui System of Natural Healing and other figures in the lineage of this oral tradition
  • Three Pillars of Reiki, preparing to receive and share Reiki
  • The basic Reiki hand positions & accompanying handouts
  • Practice of self-treatment and giving a Reiki session to another
  • A Reiki 1 Certificate and Lineage

Energetic modalities are most easily learned through experience. So even though lecture and handout materials will be components of the agenda, you will also have large blocks of time for hands-on practice to more fully integrate this course of study.

After completing Reiki I you will have the tools you need to develop a personal Reiki practice.

Up to 6 participants $200 per person
Solo Class $200

Soul Care Aromatherapy 101

Group Retreats Maryland

Learn about Essential Oils

Aromatherapy is the practice of using the natural oils extracted from flowers, stems, leaves, roots or other parts of plants to enhance psychological and physical well-being. The inhaled aroma from essential oils is widely believed to stimulate brain function.

Bring up to five of your very best friends for an introduction to these natural wonders and how they can support emotional balance as part of your day-to-day living.

This 2-hour combined lecture, discussion and hands-on class will give you new insights along with:

  • How to determine the quality of an essential oil
  • Introduce you to five common essential oils and ways to use them to support balanced emotions
  • Make and take an inhaler to calm anxiety and increase clarity
  • Empower you to start using essential oils

Up to 6 participants $55 per person (3-person minimum)
Solo class N/A (See Essential Oil Consultation)

Space Cleansing

Your personal space needs to be a refuge that nurtures you and rejuvenates your energy. If you find you feel uncomfortable in your home or office it could be lingering stale energy.  Has someone recently visited who was negative (angry), ill, or died? Or do you feel uncomfortable in your personal space for no reason you can discern?

Discovering The “why” is actually not as important as finding a Way to quickly feel more at ease in the places you inhabit. A first step would be to perform a space cleansing. Unlike “space clearing,” space cleansing doesn’t involve the organization or removal of clutter.*

This 2-hour combined lecture, discussion and hands-on class will give you and up to five of your friends several ways to:

  • Clear stale energies from the house using smudging and aromatherapy
  • Self-Care practices to remove unhelpful energy you may be absorbing from other people and places
  • Make and take a smudge kit and room spray

*If you have a lot of old items from family or previous residents of your space, it is possible that some of the energy is coming from these items. If that’s the case, I strongly encourage you to consider devoting time to physically de-cluttering along with these space cleansing techniques.

Up to 6 participants $55 per person (3-person minimum)
Solo class $150

Introspective Chakra Immersion

Using the Chakra system as our guide, participants will walk away from this workshop with a renewed sense of empowerment and increased trust in their inner wisdom and guidance.

This 5-hour combined lecture, discussion and hands-on class will give you and five of your friends new insights along with:

  • Confidence in your ability to meditate
  • Practice in becoming the “observer” of your thoughts and ways to use them to support your personal growth
  • Discover your most important values; what must be present in your life for it to feel full of meaning and purpose?

Up to 6 participants $100 per person (4-person minimum)
Solo Class $400

Vision Board Collage

Connect with Creativity! Animate your Affirmations! Spark Synchronicity!

This VisionBoard workshop is designed to provide a safe space to connect with that soft voice inside that’s calling for something. You might not know what that something is right this moment. No worries. Giving that voice a chance to speak is all that’s needed for the discovery process to ignite.

Upon completion of this workshop you will take home a visionary collage on a 16” x 18” canvas. A guaranteed masterpiece!

Spanning two, 4 hour days, this workshop’s agenda includes:

Day 1

  • Discover your most important values; what must be present in your life for it to feel full of meaning and purpose?
  • Envision what your life will look like one year out
  • Prepare the collage foundation and collect images

Day 2

  • Four full hours to create your visionary map for the following year!

Up to 6 participants $125 per person (3-person minimum)
Solo Class N/A

Group Retreats Maryland! You’ll be glad you chose Snow Hill!

Other Services Available at The Serenity Shoppe:

Reiki Sessions
Reiki Instruction
Reiki Share Circle
Essential Oil Consultation
Flower Essence Consultation
Spiritual Coaching
Natural Nail Salon

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